Benchmark focuses on AI Accelerators

From a practical production perspective.


Open Source & Reproducibility

ByteMLPerf offers an open-source AI accelerator benchmarking tool, ensuring easy access and utilization for companies and research institutions alike.

AI Production-Centric Design

ByteMLPerf continually updates its benchmarks to reflect current business scenarios and the state-of-the-art (SOTA).


Business & SOTA Aligned

The tool evaluates beyond just performance and accuracy, taking into account factors such as compiler usability and the applicability of models in real business environments.


Comprehensive Assessment Standards

ByteMLPerf focuses on a holistic evaluation, including power consumption, cost-effectiveness, and cross-platform compatibility.


Community-Driven Innovation

Encourages contributions from developers and researchers worldwide, making the benchmarking tool not just an assessment tool but also a platform for innovation.


Transparency and Openness

Maintains a high level of transparency and openness, with all testing methodologies, datasets, and evaluation criteria being publicly accessible.

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